Smartphone: Samsung overtakes Apple and Nokia in smartphone sales?

 Samsung overtakes Apple and Nokia

According to data from a new U.S. research, Samsung has become a leader in the field of smartphones. Between April and June would be completed against the pass in sales of Apple and Nokia.

Between 18 and 21 million smartphones . The gross sales figures reported by Samsung within the second quarter of 2011 would place the South Korean firm at the top to the appropriate list. Giants such as Apple with its iPhone, and Nokia can be behind him. To certify the allegedly was overtaking the U.S. company Strategy Analytics by means of a research of the researcher Neil Mawston.

Samsung overtakes Apple and Nokia in smartphone sales

samsung galaxy s2 1 Smartphone: Samsung overtakes Apple and Nokia in smartphone sales?

Samsung overtakes Apple and Nokia

His inquiry was limited to smartphones and other mobile units not included. Taking into consideration also the standard models of cell detects Mawston,

Samsung overtakes Apple and Nokia with smartphone sold

Samsung would lose the leadership, but would see the distance between himself and thin Nokia to 6 proportion points. This figure represents the smallest gap ever recorded between the two hi-tech multinationals.

It’s not, in any case, a ranking is meant to crystallize over time. The entrance to the iPhone by the fifth generation out there is sure to upset the equilibrium and cause distortions within the new gross sales data. Moreover, it’s also awaiting the strikes of Nokia and its terminals geared up with the new model of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Just a few days ago, the British newspaper Financial Times had compared the sales figures reported by main manufacturers . The Cupertino firm, he stated, had overtaken Nokia with 20.3 million users who have purchased your iPhone between April and May.

Samsung overtakes Apple and Nokia

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