Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App Launch: Available on Apps Store

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App is a new app designed for the smartphone flagship Samsung allows you control your own health and receive advice on eating behavior to hold.

Enabled mobile phone in hand and application to further improve the lifestyle. In the occasion of simultaneous presentation of Samsung Galaxy S III, South Korea’s new flagship smartphone, has illustrated the performance of the software’s Health . The operation is very simple.

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App

The Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App keeps monitor of information about the state of health of user. Along with the help of sensors detects and monitors parameters which include the level of blood sugar, excess weight, the amount of calories into the body or blood pressure, and then communicate the results, with lots tables and graphs, the show from the smartphone plus the readers doctors supported.

galaxy s3 s health app Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App Launch: Available on Apps Store

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App

More specially,’s Health is compatible with these readers health : Lifescan Blood Glucose Meter with USB connection, Omron Blood Pressure Check (HEM-7081-EN) and Overall body Composition (HBF-206-EN) via Bluetooth, and A & D Blood Pressure Monitor ( 767PBT-AU-C) and Body Composition (UA-321PBT-C) via Bluetooth.

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App:  available on Apps Store

The app has long been available in South Korea and also the United States and soon will be, as well as in UK, in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. To download, completely free, you must connect to the Samsung Apps store. He also used the opportunity to share their experience on the major social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

It literally reads within the presentation with the application: “Nowadays maintaining a healthy lifestyle can become a real challenge, due to stress and daily pressures, but to share their personal successes in achieving the objectives health and fitness and wellness set can serve a motivation.”

According to WP Hong, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, ” the smartphone is the ultimate personal device , each person carries with him, that’s why it pays to be the perfect device for monitoring the health and physical well-being with the person. Samsung’s goal is always to provide consumers with cellular devices that can support them in their daily lives through innovation and ease of use, and demonstrates this new software developed for that new Samsung Galaxy S3″.

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health App

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