LG Optimus Net P690 Review, Video and Features

LG Optimus Net

Double hit the South Korean company is issued a smartphone for business users and one for a more social. The strong level is the relationship between affordable price and quality.

Smartphones that are two LG Electronics enrich the line Optimus. Next to the Pro, this is the Net Both lower-priced, they share the same operating system version: 2.3 Android Gingerbread.Considered the successor of ‘ LG Optimus One, they also differ in a completely new design.

LG Optimus Net P690

lgoptimusnet LG Optimus Net P690 Review, Video and Features

LG Optimus Net P690

LG Optimus Net P690 smartphone is a full touch screen with 3.2-inch capacitive display, or a size larger than the “twin”. Because of this feature, it seems extra oriented to social rather than business use. Not by chance that users are already installed a widget to handle with ease the main social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

lg optimus net pro 2 small LG Optimus Net P690 Review, Video and Features

Qualcomm 800 MHz processor and 512 MB RAM, LG Optimus Internet supplies Wi-Fi connectivity with DLNA and access to the Internet in 3G mode. It additionally supports Bluetooth and GPS. Comes with a three megapixel again camera to capture pictures and record brief videos. Absent, nonetheless, the front helpful for making video calls.

It isn’t, therefore, a terminal very competitive, but the relationship between costs and high quality makes it an object to keep an eye fixed on . The checklist worth which can make its entrance in the Italian shops is 199 euros (179 euros unlike LG Optimus Net) and will be affordable, all-black version, since the coming weeks.

LG Optimus Net P690 video (in Italian):

LG Optimus Net P690


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  • Worzel Mangel

    Pros – best features for the price, Android Gingerbread!, USB MSD, reasonably responsive, hardware works well.

    Cons – rubbish camera, stock apps are poor (but easily replaced), can’t customise ALL system tones with your own MP3s, battery isn’t big enough.

    I’ve had this LG Optimus Spirit/Net/Link p690 for a few months now and I am very happy with it. Sure, it’s not the greatest Android out there but it didn’t cost me a bomb!

    The MOST IMPORTANT thing when buying an Android is to remember that THE STOCK APPS ARE POOR! That’s just a fact of life and proof that Google are not the developers they once were. However, this is NOT a deal breaker because you can simply delete the stock apps, (or at least remove them from your launcher), and replace them with 3rd party apps from the Android Market, (now called Google Play).

    In particular the worst apps are: the Browser (replace with Dolphin), the Music Player (replace with PowerAmp), the Photo Galleries (replace with QuickPic), the Video Player (replace with MX Video), the Email Client (replace with K-9 Mail), the Calendar (replace with Business Calendar).

    Sure, it’s a pest that ALL the provided apps are rubbish, but you just have to accept that and replace them. In most cases the replacements are free, and anyway, other new Androids are in the same boat so it ain’t a deal breaker.

    The two biggest insoluble problems are:
    – The camera, which is about as bad as mobile phone cameras get, (so bad in fact that I simply won’t use it). However I didn’t buy the phone for its camera so I am prepared to live with it.
    – The battery, which will go flat after a day even if you don’t use it. This is pretty poor but I gather that other Androids are in much the same boat. I carry around a charged spare, just in case I’m caught out. Sure it’s a pest but if you charge your phone every night and make sure you always close your apps and don’t leave the GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi on, it should be ok.

    Sure it would be nice if the screen were bigger and the battery were bigger and there were twin 1GHz processors, but that would COST! This phone gives a decent Android experience at a bargain price.

    If you don’t have a lot of money and you want an Android then this may well be the phone for you!