Flight Control finally available on Android Market

Flight Control

Flight Control is a wonderful game a long time available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Symbian smartphones iPad.

For those who still do not know, remember that our goal in the game is to land the largest possible number of planes and helicopters, tracing the trajectory of land by drawing a finger across the screen of your smartphone. System simple game, but I assure you, very effective and fun!

Flight Control

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Flight Control

Maybe that explains, in a few lines, the game looks interesting, but I assure you that once tried to become a kind of drug, from which you will be hooked easily.

After a long wait, however, Flight Control finally lands on the Android Market, and is priced at € 3.65.

Perhaps, though, the game comes a bit late, given that for months on the market are good alternatives available, some of which are also free if you agree to display some banner advertising is not too annoying during the game.

If you are interested in buying the game, however, found to scan the barcode below.

I will continue to use an alternate version free with advertising, and you can download it here?

Flight Control Game Trailer:

Flight Control

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  1. I downloaded this game a week ago and I have to say it is mighty addictive, a great way to waste a lunch hour
    Neil recently posted..Motorola MC75

  2. Your blog was very informative. If you’re looking to purchase an IPAD or Android Tablet, depending on what you are after, some research needs to be done so you are not paying too much – the android can be more than 1/2 the price of an IPAD and with the Android becoming increasingly more popular, Android apps are likely to overtake IPAD apps!

  3. What secrets would you experience Microsoft Flight Simulator X to manage the F-14 Tomcat (taken-wing).Thanks

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